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The Great Compassion Heart Is ... vast, great, prefect, full and unimpeded in its ability to relieve suffering and save us from distress. The Compassion Dharani can deliver us from suffering.

~ The Dharani Sutra ~


Akasagarbha Bodhisattva

Akasagarbha, who is regarded as the essence of ether, belongs to the group of eight great Bodhisattvas. He belongs to Ratnesa family. He is also calle dthe Khagarbha. ‘Akasa’ and ‘Kha’ mean the sky or boundless space. The reason why the Bodhisattva is called Akasagarbha is explained thus in the Ta-fang-teng-ta-chi-ching" Suppose there is a millionaire who has limitless riches, an immeasurable store of large donations to people, specially to the poor and bereaved. Suppose that he opens his store to make offerings to those people as much as they want, and that he is thereby immensely satisfied. Like that rich man, does Akasagarbha Bodhisattva practice his meritoriaus acts".

According to Su-yao-I-Kuei, the man who wants to get happiness and wisdom, should devote himself to this Bodhisattva. The reason is that Sun, Moon and the stars are ll the incarnations of akasagarbha (Taisho, XXI, 422b). Again, the akasagarbha-bodhisattva sutra (Hsu-kung yun-P’u-sa’ching) explains thus the devotion of his followers. "The devotees take bath in scented water, put on clean clothes, burn incense of aloe and turns his face to the east late at night. He brings before his mind the reddish Aruna (the dawn) and recite to him: "Thou great merciful one, dost appear and illuminate this world. Have mercy on me out of compassion and protect me (Taisho, XIII, 672c). It goes on to say that the dawn Aruna appears in the east; the Bodhisattva Akasagarbha appears". Aruna is a Sanskrit word meaning the dawn. It can, therefore, be siad that the origin of the Bodhisattva lies in the world of celestial bodies….

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